A small Moot with big ideas. July 15-17, 2015

As modern educators, we know that learning isn’t all about content. If it were, conferences would be meaningless in the age of streaming media. We know better than that. Constructing knowledge takes time and social support. That’s why we keep our moot so small. We want to make sure that every attendee has the opportunity to ask questions and engage in constructive dialogue with the experts we bring to the MountainMoot.

With names like Gavin Henricks, Helen Foster, Koen Roggemans, and Michelle Moore, it’s hard to imagine a more intimate opportunity with so many Moodle heavyweights. We aren’t trying to make money, we’re trying to make a difference. Come find your place in our community!
We would now like to offically announce that the creator of Moodle, Martin Dougiamas will be joining us here in person. This is a truly amazing opportunity to hear and visit with Martin in a very small setting.

Join us!

Active engagement - fun backchannel

Amazing Lineup

Once again, we have upped the level of engagement, participants and speakers to a new level. Join us!

PreMoot Training Sessions

World class Moodlers

Gavin Henrick

Gavin Henrick

A leader in the Moodle community, Moodle book author and the man behind the Dublin Moot - coming all the way from Ireland.

Helen Foster

Currently the offical Moodle Community Manager, Helen has been with HQ since the early days - coming all the way from Belgium

Michelle Moore

One of the top Moodle Trainers in the World. Michelle returns to the #MTMoot.

Martin Dougiamas

For the first time, Martin will be joining us in person here in Montana. Oh, he is the creator of Moodle in case you were wondering.